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Vivo mulai mempromosikan V15 sebagai V-Series terbaru dengan tagline "Go Up" yang segera hadir di pasar Indonesia.
As Samsung, Huawei, and Motorola rush to release their foldable smartphones, one notable company is sitting out the trend. LG says it's scrapping plans to release a bendy handset, reports The Korea Times, and will instead launch a 5G version of its f...
The Gardena small garden watering system promised HomeKit compatibility in the first quarter of the year, and has now made good on that promise … more… The post Gardena smart garden watering system is now HomeKit-compatible appeared first on 9to5Mac.
Apple's patch to close an exploit in Group FaceTime is only partially successful, as some users are reporting the service is preventing them from adding more contacts to a FaceTime call that is already in progress, an issue that Apple seemingly knows about.
Dalam laporan hasil investigasi Komite DCMS, parlemen Inggris mengkritik habis Facebook. Salah satunya mengibaratkan Facebook seperti "gangster digital".
Despite steps taken to counteract problematic material YouTube is still a hotbed of hoaxes and fake news -- a problem that's become so prevalent the site recently announced it is changing its AI in a bid to improve matters. But now the scope of the p...
While some are pointing to Apple’s long-awaited streaming video service as a key element in replacing lost iPhone income with Services revenue, at least one major analyst is skeptical. Predicting that Apple will charge $15/month for the service, Jefferies analyst Tim O’Shea says the company faces two big challenges – and even the best-case forecast doesn’t help the company that much … more… The post Apple’s streaming video service expected to cost $15/month; faces three big problems, says analyst appeared first on 9to5Mac.
A few weeks ago, Apple's Group FaceTime was discovered to have a major security flaw which potentially allowed users to listen in on others without their permission. The flaw was quickly publicized forcing Apple to shut down FaceTime servers temporarily while a patch was being created. A week later, Apple released iOS 12.1.4 which addressed the security issue and re-enabled Group FaceTime for those users. Unfortunately, Group FaceTime even under iOS 12.1.4 hasn't quite been restored to its former functionality. A MacRumors forum thread started the day after 12.1.4's release revealed users who found themselves unable to add more users to a FaceTime call. As it turns out, it appears that users are no longer able to add a person to a one-on-one FaceTime call. The "Add Person" button remains greyed out and inactive in this situation. The only way to add another person to a Group FaceTime call at this time is to start the call with at least two other people. This slight distinction appears to be the source of confusion for many users. MacRumors forum user Bob-K persisted in his support calls with Apple, and was finally told that the "Add Person" button not working in that situation was a known issue and that they didn't know when it would be fixed. Apple Support on Twitter also appears to be aware of this restriction: That's good. Also, note that Group FaceTime calls need to be started with at least two additional users in the FaceTime app. Meet us in DM if you're still having an issue with more users:— Apple Support (@AppleSupport) February 15, 2019 We were able to reproduce this issue, but it appears this workaround isn't entirely reliable as one user reported being unable to consistently add people even during a group call. A search of Twitter shows a number of users who believe that Group FaceTime remains disabled, though some users may simply be unaware of the iOS 12.1.4 update, or may be confused by the greyed "Add Person" button issue. Apple is actively working on iOS 12.2 Beta which has not yet seen the addition of the patch for Group FaceTime, but we'd expect them to address the ongoing bugs in a later 12.2 beta release.Tags: FaceTime, FaceTime Listening BugThis article, "Group FaceTime Still Partly Broken After Security Update, Apple Aware" first appeared on MacRumors.comDiscuss this article in our forums
Apa kesalahan terbesar Tim Cook selama memimpin Apple sebagai seorang CEO? Barangkali inilah jawabannya.
The British parliament has said that tech giants can’t be trusted to do the right thing, and need to be regulated. The Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee said there are three areas in which legislation is needed … more… The post Britain says there are three reasons tech giants must be regulated appeared first on 9to5Mac.
Welcome back to the week. While gaming laptop player Razer shutters its game store, we're getting primed for Samsung's big phone launch this Wednesday, where the company could reveal maybe four (!) different phones in one fell swoop.
The Gardena Smart System is now compatible with Apple's HomeKit, thanks to the availability of a software update that brings HomeKit integration to Gardena devices like the Smart Water Control, Smart Irrigation Control, Smart Sensor, and Smart Power. Originally announced at CES 2019, the update pushed out today should automatically apply to existing Gardena Smart System owners, enabling their systems to work with the Apple Home app and Siri voice commands. If your Gardena Smart System gateway hasn't yet received the update, you can manually trigger it via the Gardena Smart System App. The individual components (sockets, sensors, and so on) can also be manually updated with the new HomeKit firmware via the app. Gardena's Smart System products include watering sets for hedges and bushes on balconies, irrigation controls for controlling multiple irrigation zones, a control set for managing water usage, a water controller for automatic irrigation, sensors for measuring soil moisture and other parameters, and a smart power adapter. (Via HomeKitThis article, "Gardena Smart System Gains Apple HomeKit Support" first appeared on MacRumors.comDiscuss this article in our forums
Nicolo Zaniolo, pesepakbola muda Italia, risih dengan hobi ibunda yang eksis di medsos lewat foto seksi bak anak muda zaman now. Seperti apa aksi si hot mom?
Apple this week was awarded a patent for a potential Apple Watch design featuring a flexible microLED display that integrates with and encompasses almost the entire watch band. Titled "Display Module and System Applications" and published by the World Intellectual Property Organization, Apple's patent explores several designs that could one day make it into a future Apple Watch. In the patent, Apple foresees a watch with a flexible display substrate that includes a front side and an underlying second side. An array of microLEDs contact the wiring layer on the front side, while the second side is in communication with multiple electrical driver circuit chips. In one embodiment, a plurality of interconnects extend throughout the substrate and integrate the two layers of the display area, which is surrounded by a bevel width of less than 1mm. The patent also describes a contact ledge area that is wider than the bevelled surface of the display substrate. In this design, the MicroLED and input area of the display substrate extends beyond the watch face and ramifies out into the smartwatch band, transforming the band into an extended display area with touch-sensitive capacity. In a further embodiment, the flexible display substrate includes a first display area for the watch face and a second display area extending to the watch band. In this incarnation, a computer-readable medium receives instructions that dictate the design for both the watch and at least some of the band. Smartwatch concept drawings showings MicroLED and circuit chips Interest in flexible displays has piqued in recent years because they offer several advantages over mobile glass displays, including better durability, lighter weight, and thinner dimensions. For example, Apple's patent envisions a panel that is rollable or foldable – the type that could be incorporated into a television display and rolled into and out of the housing via a spool. Several Korean and Chinese mobile makers are either preparing to launch or actively developing foldable smartphones for the mass market. Samsung is due to reveal its upcoming Galaxy Fold foldable smartphone this week, while Xiaomi has demoed a similar concept. Apple has been exploring MicroLED displays since at least 2014, when it acquired MicroLED display maker LuxVue. The company has also been researching flexible OLED displays for a potential foldable iPhone design, and has previously explored wraparound Apple Watch designs using similar materials, although there's no sign that it intends to bring devices with flexible screens to market anytime soon. (Via Roundups: Apple Watch, watchOS 5Tag: patentBuyer's Guide: Apple Watch (Neutral)This article, "Apple Exploring Flexible Display Designs for Future Apple Watch" first appeared on MacRumors.comDiscuss this article in our forums
Facebook and its execs have been labeled "digital gangsters" in a UK parliamentary report that calls for the company to be regulated. The 180-page document -- which lays out the findings of the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport committee's 18-month i...
CEO Xiaomi Lei Jun tidak henti-hentinya membeberkan ponsel barunya Mi 9. Kali ini yang ditunjukan edisi transparan.
Bhinneka baru saja mengumumkan kehadiran official store mereka di LazMall-nya Lazada. Tahun ini Bhinneka rupanya juga akan menggandeng e-commerce lain.
If you're in the market for a new MacBook Pro, iPhone, iPad or virtually any other Apple product, gather 'round for Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo's freshest rumors. To start, he told 9to5Mac that Apple will release a 16-inch MacBook Pro in 2019 that wou...
Perusahaan kecerdasan buatan yang didirikan Elon Musk, OpenAI, mengutarakan kekhawatiran soal teknologi terbaru mereka sendiri.
Apex Legends already has cheaters just two weeks into its existence, and Respawn wants to be sure they don't become too much of a problem. The studio has dropped not-so-subtle hints that it's incorporating a cheat reporting tool in its battle royale...
Lini masa Twitter sore ini masih riuh dengan tagar-tagar terkait Debat Pilpres 2019, Minggu (17/2/2019) kemarin. Di tengah itu ada pula geliat #PersibDay.
Sam Jadallah sempat mempunyai startup yang menjanjikan meski kemudian gagal. Namun ia tetap saja direkrut oleh Apple.
If you're an Apple Music subscriber who's feeling pretty generous right now, check out your notifications for a new referral promo. You can send your non-Apple-Music-using friends an invite that'll give them a month's worth of subscription for free o...
Sejumlah vendor-vendor besar sedang berlomba meluncurkan ponsel layar lipat. Tak termasuk LG, yang merasa masih terlalu dini untuk melakukannya.
Dua pemain e-Commerce terbesar di Indonesia, Lazada dan Bhinneka, melakukan kolaborasi dalam mengembangkan industri digital dan ekosistem e-commerce.
GameSir membawa gamepad baru ke Indonesia. Perangkat yang dikhususkan untuk PUBG dan Fortnite ini diklaim bakal membuat permainan seru.
Mereka yang percaya bahwa Bumi itu datar memang minoritas, tapi ditengarai ada peningkatan jumlah. Kira-kira apa sebabnya?
Nama Palapa Ring turut disebut capres 01 Jokowi dalam Debat Pilpres 2019. Begini sejarah megaproyek pembangunan jaringan serat optik itu.
Sports jerseys are big commitments for fans -- you're betting that your favorite player won't switch teams, take a nose dive or otherwise prove embarrassing. In the future, though, you might just have to pull out your phone to change allegiances. N...
Apple disebut mempunyai sejumlah produk baru untuk tahun 2019 ini, yang informasinya diumbar oleh analis terkenal Ming-Chi Kuo. Apa saja?
Airbus Beluga XL memang bukan pesawat biasa, dari segi penampilan maupun kapasitasnya. Bahkan ia dijuluki sebagai paus terbang.
Unicorn adalah istilah yang merujuk pada startup dengan valuasi sedikitnya USD 1 miliar. Nah, siapa sebenarnya yang pertama kali melontarkan istilah unicorn?
Ada lebih dari 300 startup unicorn di seluruh dunia, dengan 15 di antaranya sudah naik kelas menyandang status decacorn. Bolehlah menyebutnya "unicorn raksasa".
Linimasa Twitter ramai dengan banyaknya cuitan-cuitan bertagar terkait Debat Pilpres 2019. Berikut 10 tagar yang paling banyak digunakan warganet.
Nicolo Zaniolo, bintang muda sepakbola Italia, rupanya merasa risih dengan aksi sang ibunda di media sosial. Bukan apa-apa, ibunya gemar foto-foto seksi.
Pada 26 September 1983, dunia hampir saja dilanda perang nuklir yang dapat menghancurkan. Beruntung ada pria ini yang seorang diri mampu mencegahnya.
The US may have had some success in persuading allies to ban Huawei equipment from their 5G networks, but not everyone is convinced there's an existential threat. Financial Times sources claim the UK's National Cyber Security Centre has found that i...
Netizen Indonesia begitu antusias akan acara Debat Pilpres 2019. Pada puncaknya semalam bahkan sempat ada 290 ribut tweet per menit!
Isu startup unicorn sempat dibahas dalam depat Capres 2019. Ternyata selain unicorn, ada juga decacorn dan hectocorn. Apa bedanya?
Usai Debat Pilpres 2019, Minggu (17/2/2019) malam, pagi ini pendukung masing-masing kubu sudah adu tagar: #JokowiBohongLagi vs #02GagapUnicorn.
You can't usually show support for a game streamer in the real world outside of t-shirt and stickers, but Wicked Cool Toys is kicking things up a notch. It's introducing a line of toys themed around streamers, starting with Twitch superstar Tyler "N...
Wajah boneka barbie identik dengan riasan yang cantik, namun oleh seniman ini polesan tersebut dimodifikasi jadi Kekinian Seperti apa jadinya?
In his wide-ranging research note today touching on Apple's product releases for 2019, Ming-Kuo provided a glimpse at upcoming AirPods, iPads, iPhones, displays and MacBook Pros. Regarding the Apple Watch, however, he had only a brief mention:ECG supports developed for additional countries. New ceramic casing design added.Expanding Apple Watch ECG support to other countries is not particularly revealing. Apple has been working to expand access since its launch but regulations may hold up its acceptance in many countries. A new "ceramic casing design" is the more intriguing rumor. With the Apple Watch Series 2, Apple introduced "Edition" models that were made from ceramic priced starting at $1,299, which it continued offering when the Series 3 Apple Watches were announced. Apple discontinued the Edition models in 2018 with the Series 4 release. Current Apple Watch models do have a ceramic back, but this rumor opens the possibility for Apple to revisit a new high end ceramic model in 2019.Related Roundups: Apple Watch, watchOS 5Buyer's Guide: Apple Watch (Neutral)This article, "2019 Apple Watch: New Ceramic Casing, ECG Support for More Countries" first appeared on MacRumors.comDiscuss this article in our forums
Lagi, CEO Xiaomi Lei Jun mengungkap keunggulan yang bakal dibawa Mi 9. Kali ini dia membeberkan kemampuan kamera penerus Mi 8 itu.
Following Apple’s ambitious retail expansion promise last fall, plans for larger and modernized stores that form greater community connections have steadily revealed themselves. From Florida to Vancouver to Barcelona, Apple looks set to fulfill its word with a myriad of concurrent construction projects. Close to home, changes are also afoot. San Jose’s Westfield Valley Fair shopping mall is in the midst of a massive expansion that will include a brand new flagship Apple Store. more… The post Flagship Apple Store coming to San Jose’s Westfield Valley Fair mall appeared first on 9to5Mac.
Apple's 2019 iPhone line up won't look much different from the company's current offerings outside of some frosted glass, new technologies like "bilateral" wireless charging, ultra wide band for enhanced indoor positioning and a triple-lens camera, among other enhancements.
Apple will finally get around to releasing its AirPower wireless charging mat and a future generation of AirPods in the first half of 2019, according to TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.
As part of its 2019 product introductions, Apple will reportedly revitalize a tier of MacBook Pro larger than its current 15-inch models that will be positioned at hardcore gamers and pro designers.
Apple dikabarkan akan segera meluncurkan iPhone XS dan XS Max dengan varian warna merah di China. Tapi ada yang berbeda dari biasanya, apa itu?
Apple's long-awaited AirPower wireless charging mat and a new version of AirPods with wireless charging support and upgraded Bluetooth connectivity will start shipping in the first half of 2019, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Kuo also expects a new iPod touch with a faster processor to launch in 2019. While there's been a flurry of recent rumors about the AirPower and 2nd generation AirPods, there have also been conflicting reports on the possible launch dates for the two products. One recent report specifically placed the launch of the new AirPods in the fall of 2019. We were skeptical about that report at the time, and now Kuo gives another reason to believe that the new AirPods and AirPower will be shipping in the first half of this year.Related Roundups: iPod touch, AirPods 2Tags: Ming-Chi Kuo, AirPowerBuyer's Guide: iPod Touch (Don't Buy), AirPods (Caution)This article, "AirPower and New AirPods Said to Ship in First Half of 2019, New iPod Touch With Faster Processor Also Expected" first appeared on MacRumors.comDiscuss this article in our forums
In a thorough research note outlining Apple's plans for 2019, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo describes his outlook for its next iPad lineup. According to Kuo, Apple plans to release two new iPad Pro models, a 10.2-inch iPad, and a refreshed iPad mini equipped with an upgraded processor later this year. More details to follow… Related Roundups: iPad mini 5, iPad Pro, iPadTag: Ming-Chi KuoBuyer's Guide: iPad Mini (Don't Buy), 12.9" iPad Pro (Buy Now), iPad (Don't Buy)This article, "Two New iPad Pro Models, 10.2-Inch iPad, and iPad Mini 5 Said to Launch in 2019" first appeared on MacRumors.comDiscuss this article in our forums
Apple plans to introduce new iPad Pros and iPad minis during the 2019 calendar year, along with a new Ceramic Apple Watch design, a well informed Apple analyst said Sunday.
In a thorough research note outlining Apple's plans for 2019, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo describes his outlook for its next iPhone lineup. According to Kuo, the 2019 iPhone lineup will mirror that of the current models, including 6.5-inch and 5.8-inch OLED models as well as a 6.1-inch LCD model. As for changes to expect in 2019, Kuo says the iPhone XR successor may be upgraded to 4GB of RAM, while all models will include frosted glass casing, larger batteries, the ability to wirelessly charge other devices, and new technology for indoor positioning and navigation.The new 5.8" OLED may support DSDS, and the new 6.1" LCD may be upgraded to 4GB. All of part of the new models’ main upgrades include Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) for indoor positioning and navigation, frosted glass casing, bilateral wireless charging for charging other devices, upgraded Face ID (with a higher power flood illumination), larger batteries, and triple camera feature (wide, telephoto, and ultra-wide lens).Kuo also says all three models will include Lightning connectors rather than USB-C and have the same notch area as current models, contradicting other rumors of smaller notches. More details to follow…Related Roundup: 2019 iPhonesTag: Ming-Chi KuoThis article, "Kuo: 2019 iPhones Able to Wirelessly Charge Other Devices, Feature Frosted Glass and Larger Batteries, and More" first appeared on MacRumors.comDiscuss this article in our forums
Reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is out with a wide-reaching new investor note this evening. Kuo says that Apple will release new iPads, a new 16-inch MacBook Pro, a 31-inch 6K monitor, iPhones with bilateral charging, and more in 2019. more… The post Kuo: 16-inch MacBook Pro, 31-inch 6K display, iPhones w/ upgraded Face ID & bilateral wireless charging coming in 2019 appeared first on 9to5Mac.
Among three all-new Mac products expected to debut from Apple in 2019 is an "easy-to-upgrade" Mac Pro and a 31.6-inch Apple 6K3K display, according to well-informed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.
Apple will release a 31.6-inch 6K display with a Mini LED-like backlight design in 2019, according to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who detailed his expectations for Apple's 2019 roadmap in a research note obtained by MacRumors. Apple left the display market back in 2016 with the discontinuation of the outdated Thunderbolt Display. Apple did, however, say they were working on a new screen alongside the new Mac Pro. Apple's Phil Schiller said in 2017:With regards to the Mac Pro, we are in the process of what we call "completely rethinking the Mac Pro." We’re working on it. We have a team working hard on it right now, and we want to architect it so that we can keep it fresh with regular improvements, and we’re committed to making it our highest-end, high-throughput desktop system, designed for our demanding pro customers. As part of doing a new Mac Pro — it is, by definition, a modular system — we will be doing a pro display as well. Now you won’t see any of those products this year; we’re in the process of that. We think it’s really important to create something great for our pro customers who want a Mac Pro modular system, and that’ll take longer than this year to do. Kuo describes the new monitor as a "6k3k" display.Related Roundups: Mac Pro, Apple DisplaysTag: Ming-Chi KuoBuyer's Guide: Mac Pro (Don't Buy)This article, "Apple Said to Release 31.6-Inch 6K Display With Mini LED-Like Backlight Design in 2019" first appeared on MacRumors.comDiscuss this article in our forums
Apple will release a new MacBook Pro with a 16-inch to 16.5-inch display and an all-new design in 2019, according to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Tonight, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo released a research note looking at Apple's releases in 2019. MacRumors has obtained a copy of the report and perhaps the most exciting prediction for Mac users is the revelation that Apple is working on a 16"-16.5" MacBook Pro. Unfortunately the report provides few details beyond that it is an "all-new" design, suggesting Apple is revamping their current MacBook Pro design. A 16"-16.5" screen would be the largest screen Apple has provided on a MacBook Pro since the discontinuation of the 17" MacBook Pro in 2012. Close followers of Apple's MacBook Pro refresh cycle have been expecting Apple to continue with the current design until at least 2020. The MacBook Pro last saw a redesign only two and half years ago.Related Roundup: MacBook ProTag: Ming-Chi KuoBuyer's Guide: MacBook Pro (Caution)This article, "Apple Said to Release 16-Inch to 16.5-Inch MacBook Pro With All-New Design in 2019" first appeared on MacRumors.comDiscuss this article in our forums
Cambridge Analytica may be no more, but those connected to it are facing an increasing amount of scrutiny. Former business development director Brittany Kaiser has confirmed to The Guardian through a spokesman that US special counsel Robert Mueller...
Setelah Galaxy M20 dirilis, rumor soal Galaxy M30 langsung mencuat. Dan kini kabar tanggal perilisan ponsel tersebut terungkap.
Seorang fotografer coba memanipulasi foto kehidupan para hewan di alam liar, hasilnya cukup kocak. Mau lihat seperti apa hasil karyanya?
Apple's latest significant hire is Sam Jadallah, who will reportedly be heading up the company's smarthome efforts.
Tren ponsel layar lipat tengah menjalar tiap vendor. Terbaru adalah TCL, mereka memastikan akan ikut menyemarakan fenomena tersebut.
Security vulnerabilities are horrible, but one of them is shedding light on the reach of the Chinese surveillance state. Security researcher Victor Gevers discovered that facial recognition firm SenseNets left a surveillance database completely expo...
2nd Generation AirPods rumors have been heating up. Our AirPods Roundup provides the current status of the AirPods 2 rumors, and what to expect. Read More
Sejak awal Februari, Redmi dirumorkan akan membesut ponsel berotak Snapdragon 855. Kini, bos Redmi telah mengonfirmasi kabar tersebut. Bisa rusak harga pasar?
NASA telah mencanangkan misi baru yang dapat membantu para ahli astronomi memahami bagaimana alam semesta berevolusi. Dana Rp 3 triliun pun siap digelontorkan.
The UK Parliament's Facebook document dump is close to creating serious legal trouble for the social network. According to The Guardian, the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee plans to release a report on February 18th calling on the UK gov...
Continuing its string of iPhone promotions recently, Apple has a new offer for its Australian customers. As of this week, you can order Apple products in Australia with 0% financing for 2 years. And, if you buy an iPhone on financing, you get $50 (Australian dollars obviously) in cashback. more… The post Apple launches iPhone financing promo in Australia: 0% interest for 24 months and a $50 credit appeared first on 9to5Mac.
This week we are entering the wild world of Teenage Engineering’s OP-Z. The tiny little portable gadget is essentially its own music making platform with built-in instruments. However, it is also capable of sequencing photos, unity 3D video, lighting rigs and more. Along with its beautiful hardware design, OP-Z uses your iOS devices as a display (among other things) and plays nice with your Mac too. Head below for a closer look. more… The post Review: The OP-Z music & visual sequencer with iOS display is insanely powerful, but is it worth the price? appeared first on 9to5Mac.
With a new project called Selfie Harm, photographer John Rankin Waddell, better known as Rankin, wanted to see the role social media played on self image in young people. He took photos of a group of teens aged 13 to 19, then asked them to spend a fe...
Toy lightsabers are a lot of fun: Kids love to strike poses, swing them through the air and jab the weapons at their friends as they pretend to be Luke Skywalker, Rey or even Darth Vader and Kylo Ren. But what they can't do with a standard lightsaber...
Hasbro is about to give you many, many ways to flaunt your Overwatch fandom beyond the occasional Nerf gun. It's launching a series of toys and games themed around the character-driven shooter, including Monopoly Overwatch Collector's Edition (below...
By Sarah Witman This post was done in partnership with Wirecutter. When readers choose to buy Wirecutter's independently chosen editorial picks, Wirecutter and Engadget may earn affiliate commission. Read the full portable power stations guide here....
Netizen punya banyak tanggapan lucu dan menarik mengenai jawaban capres Prabowo Subianto soal startup unicorn di Indonesia di debat capres 2019.
One man reportedly stole headphones and other items from the same Apple Store every day for months, in order to support an expensive drug habit. That and more, in the latest Apple-related crime roundup.
While most of us are still recovering from the frenzied orgy of capitalist affection that is Valentine's Day, companies from all over the industry continue to fly forth like arrows fired from Cupid's bow. Google announced it will be spreading some of...
Dalam sesi antar Capres bertanya, Joko Widodo bertanya kepada Prabowo Subianto soal startup unicorn di Indonesia. Ini dia 4 startup unicorn Indonesia.
The launch of Apple’s long-rumored streaming video service is closer than ever. After building an executive team and signing numerous TV shows and movies, Apple is seemingly set to launch its video service in 2019. Here’s everything we know so far about Apple’s streaming service. more… The post Everything we know so far about Apple’s streaming video service [Poll] appeared first on 9to5Mac.
Dalam debat capres kedua yang berlangsung Minggu (17/2) malam, kedua capres diberi pertanyaan tentang masa depan industri 4.0. Ini jawaban mereka.
Nanomaterials might just prove the key to the next wave of planetary rovers. NASA has poured $2 million into a Goddard Space Flight Center team developing 3D-printed sensors whose nanomaterials make them tiny, ultra-sensitive and resistant to radiat...
Capres nomor urut 01 Joko Widodo (Jokowi) menyebut nama TaniHub ketika menjelaskan soal revolusi industri 4.0 dalam debat capres 2019. Apa itu TaniHub?
Over the last few years, I’ve become increasingly concerned about personal privacy. I don’t have anything to hide, but I don’t like the fact that so much of my personal information can be used by various companies. The thought of Netflix and Spotify being able to scan Facebook Messenger accounts to make better recommendations is a prime example of what I don’t like about the current state of technology. One of the changes I’ve made to help protect my privacy is always using a VPN when I’m on a Wi-Fi network I don’t manage. iOS has robust support for it, and I recommend you consider it as well. If you search for VPN on the App Store, a long list shows up. How do you determine the best VPN service for iOS? more… The post What’s the best VPN service for iOS? appeared first on 9to5Mac.
Netizen selalu bisa menemukan candaan segar di tengah suasana serius, termasuk dalam debat Pilpres 2019. Hal ini terlihat dari keramaian #DebatSebel.
Di tengah keriuhan tagar terkait Debat Pilpres 2019 di lini masa Twitter, terselip pula #terimakasihmantan yang berisikan cuitan receh nan kocak.
Tim Cook and the Senators pushing for US version of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules have found an ally in the Government Accountability Office. In a report publishing its findings for a study commissioned by the House Energy...
Tak lama lagi Debat Capres 2019 kedua akan digelar, dan kini tagar #DebatPilpres2019 sudah masuk ke dalam daftar trending topic Twitter.
Ketika menghapus Direct Messages (DM) di Twitter, kemungkinan pengguna Twitter akan berasumsi kalau pesan tersebut bakal langsung dihapus dari server.
Setelah menunggu lama, game farming simulator akhirnya siap masuk ke platform Android. ConcernedApe sudah mulai membuka pendaftaran game tersebut di Play Store.
Apple has hired a former corporate VP at Microsoft and the founder of defunct smart lock brand Otto to lead its smart home efforts. Sam Jadallah updated his LinkedIn page modestly over the weekend shortly after CNBC reported the move, merely listing his role as “Working on Home” at Apple. more… The post Former Microsoft exec joins Apple’s Home division, previously ran $700 smart lock startup appeared first on 9to5Mac.
Teknologi kecerdasan buatan (AI) makin canggih dan di sisi lain juga kian mengkhawatirkan. Sampai-sampai OpenAI milik Elon Musk ketakutan merilisnya.
It's not a novel idea to make criminals wear GPS bracelets, but they could soon be relatively commonplace in the UK. The country's government plans to use them for around-the-clock monitoring of criminals across England and Wales by the summer, with...
Kisah mereka bermula saat keduanya sama-sama berkenalan di sebuah komunitas.
Deretan foto keren kota-kota di dunia sebelum musim salju datang dan setelahnya. Tampak dramatis dan memukau ketika bangunan dan desa diselimuti salju.
Jelang digelarnya debat capres kedua malam ini, linimasa media sosial mulai riuh. Pendukung dari kedua kubu bersiap 'memanaskan mesin' dengan adu tagar.
Awal tahun ini, China sukses mendaratkan pesawat antariksanya, Chang'e 4, di sisi terjauh Bulan.
Multiple companies have ideas as to how they'll develop folding smartphones. TCL, however, isn't content to settle on one -- it's seemingly tackling them all. CNET has obtained images and patent filings that show TCL exploring five foldable designs...
Redmi Note 7 Pro disebut-sebut bakal meluncur bulan ini. Meski demikian, sampai sekarang belum ada tanggal resmi yang diumumkan baik dari Xiaomi maupun Redmi.
Current Apple hardware is on sale this holiday weekend with triple digit savings on 2018 MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros, delivering the lowest prices of the year. Prices start at just $749 for Mac computers, with markdows of up to $700 off. This weekend is also your last chance to snap up a free pair of $150 JBL headphones with 2017 12.9-inch iPad Pros.
CNBC reports that Apple has hired ex-Microsoft exec and former CEO of a smart lock company to revamp Apple's home initiatives. Hiring Jadallah is the latest signal that Apple plans to get serious about its own efforts in the home. Recently, the company acquired a start-up called Pullstring, a start-up that specializes in voice-enabled toys. That purchase could help the smartphone maker become the center of a connected living room.Apple has been making movement into the home space for years, with the introduction of HomeKit as well as the HomePod which is powered by Siri. HomePod, however, has lagged behind its competitors despite making steady improvements. Apple's latest hire as well as recent acquisition of a voice technology company seems to indicate that they are refocusing their efforts. Sam Jadallah's Linkedin page Jadallah was most recently CEO of failed smart lock company Otto. Otto was described as a "luxury smart lock":With Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radios packed inside the surprisingly compact design, Otto promises to let you or anyone you choose inside with just a touch whenever it senses an authorized phone within range.That company ultimately failed, but it appears that Jadallah will be applying that knowledge forward at Apple. Related Roundup: HomePodBuyer's Guide: HomePod (Neutral)This article, "Apple Hires Ex-Microsoft Exec to Revamp Smart Home Business" first appeared on MacRumors.comDiscuss this article in our forums
Ajit Johnson mahasiswa program Ph.D studi kanker genetik dan genomic, senang bercerita lewat ilustrasi. Kali ini, dia bercerita tentang kehidupan zaman digital.

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